You're invited to join 50 visionaries and

hundreds of city-zens from

around the world as we

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the future of the city

Integral City 2.0: An Online Conference

We convened between these dates:
September 4 – 27, 2012 ...  for 36+ Live Event Presentations

>September 28, 2013 – Ongoing  ... for Resources, Action-Research, and Dialogue

We hold a radically optimistic vision for our collective future...

And we know that creating the global solutions so many hope for will require the perspectives, expertise, and passion of many people. That’s why we gathered leaders and city-zens from the world over, to dream, build, and make real the future of our cities — Integral City 2.0.  

We put our heads and hearts together during this online conference, and ongoingly now, in a bold commitment to co-creating a brighter future for the entire human hive. Are you ready to make that commitment, too?

Take part in this exploration

Our online conference began in September 2012, featuring 50+  visionaries, designers, teachers, and leading-edge practitioners from different industries, city sectors, and academic disciplines, from all over the world.   We started a conversation about the future of cities ...

and it's still open for your learning and involvement.

Your voice is important.

Share in the learning, dialoguing, designing, inspiration, and envisioning with 50 experts from diverse fields, including…


Why was this conference and the ongoing action-research dialogue created?

A small number of passionate, informed people can create a massive positive shift.  By putting our heads and hearts together with experts in diverse disciplines, we created a "habitat" to envision and capture the most innovative ideas and best practices for creating a sustainable, thriving planetary future.  

"I felt inspired to create an event for people worldwide who have, like me, dreamed about
how people can live together in more conscious and sustainable ways. Thanks to all the scientists, designers, artists and practitioners who were the sources for my book, many of whom presented at this conference. Humans have the intelligence(s) to co-create a life-giving relationship with our planet, Gaia. It is time for our species to wake up, grow up, and take responsibility for the future of our shared human hive. In this gathering, let’s build our dreams and make them real together!"

Marilyn Hamilton – Creator of the Integral City 2.0 Conference, and author of Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive 

In 2012, the TED Prize Committee issued a bold challenge: dream up The City 2.0… and find the solutions for all of us together to build it and make it real. TED's vision for the City 2.0 deeply inspired us to put our resources towards making it real. This conference was the start of our hopeful answer to TED's challenge.

The City of the future is being created today.  The time is now to gather experts, visionaries, and caring city-zens from the world over to dream big, dialogue, and envision the thriving global village we all hope for.


What did the conference explore?

The conference was an action-research inquiry, exploring how we together can co-create the future of the human hive. In essence, our central question was and still is: “How would we design a new operating system for the city?”

Each week in September 2012 focused on a different theme:

Week 1: “Planet of Cities”

  • Shift your perspective and begin viewing cities as living systems
  • Identify ways to amplify our resilience and drive innovation
  • Consider the life cycles of and within the city, its inhabitants, and its eco-region
  • Determine ways to shore up our resilience amidst shifting factors.

Week 2: “Gaia’s Reflective Organ”

  • Explore the value of individual leadership, cultural storytelling, and developmental infrastructure
  • Develop your capacities for integrity and integral leadership
  • Discover why relationships are the prime currency for the Integral City
  • Identify ways you can support and sustain the well-being of your city.

Week 3: “Aligning Strategies to Prosper”

  • Explore the interplay between individual inquiry, meta-wisdom, and hierarchical systems
  • Carve a path through the barriers and co-create a natural flow of resources
  • Experience how “meshworking” aligns various partners to achieve a common purpose
  • Discover ways to monitor the health of our cities -- and how to make them even more effective.

Week 4: Amplifying Intelligence

  • Work with the “Master Code” of creating a more sustainable, thriving future
  • Find ways to monitor and manage your personal energy and well-being
  • Explore learning systems that promote individual, cultural, and holistic contribution
  • Identify ways to more skillfully care for self, others, and place.

The conference built on the art, science and evolutionary spirit behind the twelve intelligences explored in Marilyn Hamilton's book Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive.


Will you join us in continuing to dream the future of the city?

Your voice has something important to add in this ongoing international gathering. Help educate, inspire, and connect as many global citizens as possible as we go forward together.  

 It’s up to us to create a brighter future, and the time is now.  

There are two different ways you can participate in this conference, and ongoing conversations about the future of cities, from almost anywhere in the world.



Integral City 2.0 Expo

 “Dream me.”

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  • Access over a dozen downloadable Free Prologue and Sidebar Interview recordings with some of the key speakers during September 2012.  
  • Get to know all 50+ speakers -- some of the brightest minds from all over the world in the areas of sustainability, community building, conscious capitalism, city design, leadership, and personal development -- through their free handouts, a list of highlights of their presentations, descriptions of their work, and our Resources list which includes over a dozen videos. 
  • Introduce yourself to other participants, and begin to connect, converse, collaborate and synergize with others all over the world. 


Integral City 2.0 eLab

"Build me. Make me real."

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  • Harvest and integration reflections and artwork on the member website to help you get the most insights from the presentations
  • Tools to help you implement your learnings and an ongoing online support system for to help you make your project(s) a success 
  • Ongoing membership in the online community with the eLab knowledge base, project discussion groups, and ongoing access to international conference calls designed to connect stakeholders from cities worldwide  


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I am happy you are there doing that! Check Auroville and Findhorn. I see an integral humanitarian society - where we transcend the mind and even intuition in order to see clearly beyond the box we have been placed in. Economy can only be sustainable and balanced when the majority of us realizes we are all one – beings and planet – a non profit economy without excess respecting resources and people’s time -- an humanitarian society respecting all – inclusive those who do not want to work or participate – a global democracy where we share not because it is imposed by asphyxiating taxes or political rules but because it feels just great to have ENOUGH and not more or less… to reach that place where love overpowers fear… there is the technology and free energy sources to allow us to have enough for all and to work less life time… so we can enjoy the company of family, friends, travel, enjoy nature, dance, create and love… Indians in Brasil still do it… and they are right now being killed for resources… all humanitarian orgs unit and make it happen

  • Alongside, you could draw attention to the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Shift Network. With them, many more luminaries like Neale Donald Walsch, Rinaldo Brutoco, Lynne McTaggart, Lynne Twist, Gregg Braden, Jean Houston, Ken Wilber, and many others, some are also connected to Integral City 2.0. Kimberley and Foster Gamble of are a part of this cultural revolution, as well as Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson who coined the term ‘Cultural Creatives’. The next step is to connect what works, and for this, a ‘Wheel of Co-Creation’ will map all solutions local and global. Learn more about it at for an upcoming worldwide celebration on 22nd December 2012.

  • support

    You are very knowledgeable about what is happening, Freed! Good for you! Thanks for YOUR calling attention to all those names!
    Rev. Alia

Wow- What a powerful and enlightening conference!!! I DO NOT WANT IT TO EVER BE OVER!. I have never had the privilege of being in the company of a gathering of such august (for lack of a better word) Integral thinkers and activists in my life! What seemed most amazing to me was that the designers and producers created such an open welcoming space for everyone to participate.

From the comfort of my home, even in my pajamas I could participate and feel so welcomed and included to dialogue with those whom merely reading the credentials of their expertise would been a barrier to deep conversation. From the first session and break out group what was most important was what was most important to all of us- the deep concern and care which we bring to the discussion of the future of ourselves, our cities and planet

The ideas and creative energy which was generated by this line-up of incredibly wise and knowledgeable presenters, welcoming and insightful hosts, hard working and gracious volunteers, and being able to connect at a very meaningful level with people from wherever they live in this world was a most wonderful opportunity. It has given me a glimpse of what it is which prevents such dialogue from occurring all the time everywhere and enthusiasm to try to find ways to overcome such divisions which really are artificial after all.

So thank-you so much Marilyn, and all your beautiful team and all the wonderful people I was able to meet at this conference. May there be many more such opportunities. I will work hard to try to make this a reality.

Much love, Diane Charles

  • Diane, your participation and contributions and enthusiasm and appreciation are valued more than you can possibly know. Other than the end of my 70-hour weeks, I don’t want this to end either, and indeed there will be ongoing and expanding, which needs you, so stay tuned!!

WE enjoyed Marilyn’s live wire conference with the Spiral Dynamics confab very much! Thanks!!
One thing she mentioned was hoping to have a group of something like 400? cities that would collaborate around this topic/project over the course of the following year. Each city would need to have (at least) 4 people committed for that length of time and they would collaborate with the similar teams of other cities. I would like to know where to go for more information on this as we may have identified a city that really wants to participate!

  • support

    Sounds very exciting, James. If you are registered for the eLab, the information is here: If you aren’t look below on this page to register! If you have any challenges just reply here.
    Rev. Alia

how come all the presenters are white?

  • Actually, they aren’t, there have been additions. And many of them are not Americans and many of them do not have English as their first language. Diversity is not always visible.

I’m on retreat for 5 days and have a day job so I’ll be relying on mP3s a lot. I paid for e lab bir did not get access instructions. Can anyone help me out?

  • Hi Roberta, your registration info was sent on August 29 and you have logged in and visited the member website 3 times. You are registered in the system as a eLab member. Here is the link to your page (it won’t work for anyone not registered, so I am not compromising your privacy at all: Please let me know if you need further help, by commenting here.
    Rev. Alia
    Member Support

  • thanks! just sent an email to marilyn – I’ve been away on retreat

I find it strange that there is absolutely zero reference to Jaque Fresco and The Venus Project:

Nor any Zeitgeist-Movement avocation:

But here is a thought on another speaker that I think should have been included:

  • Well, those are mentioned now, Arnon, someone had to be first, LOL!!
    There are dozens if not hundreds of speakers who “should” have been included, but space and time were limited. Isn’t it wonderful that there are so many who are doing worthwhile things in this world around upgrading our cities!!!!?

  • It is wonderful, yes.
    But I think anyone who has researched Jaque’s work, would know that it is so far and beyond anyone else’s works on these issues – easily surpassing any and all speakers in this panel.
    It would seem an exaggerated claim, and that is understandable from the perspective of anyone who has not researched Mr. Fresco’s work at all.
    It’s not just “hey, here’s another guy who is interested in this stuff”, it’s “the” person who can have no competition in this manner, not even from Buckminister Fuller and B.F Skinner.
    He should by any measure have been at the fore-front of this whole initiative, and so it brings the question “why was he not contacted”?

Is it possible to set up a ning-site for a co-creative exchange of the participants? That would help for contacting and working together.
PS: In the session 2 call, I mentioned with their blueprint for Palestine called ‘the Arc’

  • The post-conference method for eLab participants to continue deepening and broadening their collaborations is being considered, Freed, and Ning is among the options being discussed. You will most certainly hear about any decision made!!
    Rev. Alia
    Member Support

Well, we are underway. This is a great opportunity for us citizens, city administrators, city builders and civil society to co-create cities that serve us well. Thanks, everyone
green walls great opportunity

Marilyn, Your interview with Brett introduced me to the project. What an amazing and inspiring vision of possibility for transforming our inner and outer lives and world! I look forward to the conference. I have been searching for ways as an individual to engage in work more meaningfully, less from the conventional heart mind and spirit mindset and more from a paradigm built on truth reality and the aspirational promise of attaining our higher human potentials. The bottom line is…is it true that today…we can be better individuals, community, societal structures and understandings than we presently are? If everything is possible…the question then becomes…how and when? Maybe the challenge is in the efforting, and in knowing how to meaningfully effort. Maybe ultimately this project is about learning to see, to do, and to find the path to live among the stars.

  • What a beautiful and compelling image Joan – thanks for grokking the evolutionary dna embedded in this eLab :-)

“The city, in effect, is a consuming node in a vast fabric of production going on in the ecosystem outside of that city”. – Bill Rees

Can’t wait to hear what else Bill has to say about the city as an ecosystem September 4th at 9AM PST

Great turning point gathering that I unfortunately can’t commit to due to the time commitment. I’m in the middle of gathering a group in Minneapolis, Sept. 13 – 16th so the planning process is quite intense for our final two weeks. Our Sunday discussion with local leaders in the areas of Sustainability, Social Justice and Spiritual Fulfillment is to explore how we can accelerate our individual efforts as a collective in service to the tipping point of change. I love your work, Marilyn. And I encourage the shift of speakers & participants to include more diversity of voice from ALL levels and lines of the human hive. I look forward to hearing more.


I appreciate what you want to do with this conference and the efforts you have put into organizing people around this topic. I do however have to express my concern that the “expert” panel does not appear to be representative of the make up of most cities. That is, a diverse group of people from different socio-economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. All voices need to be included to ensure that we move beyond rhetoric to real solutions.

  • Thanks for your comment – we are interested in expanding the diversity here – both the invisible and the visible – so we ask – who else should be here? We see in the Expo members – that the diversity is more visible and hope to continue to welcome all major stakeholders with both visible and invisible diversity.

  • How about Will Allen the urban farmer? (

Time-wise the Conference is just too challenging for me to be able to participate.

On the other hand I would be interested in the e-lab materials and discussions.

How can I do this without actually registering for the Conference?

  • We are offering the eLab materials and discussions at a very low rate for their value. We hope that you will consider for the convenience and exchange it is worth a small investment.

Hi, thank you for this opportunity, It sounds very interesting. Not sure if this is the place for this, but I can´t find anywhere else… The thing is that I´m trying to register and the application doesn´t allow me saying that my email address is already taken. Has anybody had the same problem? Is there any technical support to help me register? I´d appreciate some assistance here. Thanks!

  • Hi Sara – we will help you register as we release more info in the next few days – sorry for the startup hiccups. thanks for your patience

  • Sara, a workaround is to use a different email address now to register, and you can change it back later to another email address if you wish. Are you trying to register for the Expo, or for the eLab?

    That would make a different in how we approach your challenge to figure out what’s going on. The issue you described is one that our platform has been trying to solve for some time now, and apparently isn’t quite done with! We are very sorry,and we will get you in one way or another.

    As a last resort, we can enter you into the system individually ourselves. So rest assured you will get in!! Do let us know whether it’s the Expo or eLab you are trying to register for now.

    Rev. Alia

Congrats for the wonderful idea. Buckminster Fuller is one of my heroes. Got the news from your note with his wise quote on FB. Looking towards learning more valuable info from the conference. The ideal format.

Excellent space for learning to live as a City-zen – Thank you for creating.

Marilyn: Thank you for your vision and commitment to create a space for thought leaders to share their wisdom to co-create a better place for all. Looks like such a great event, one that you have made easy for people to join.

Looking great!